Reduced Calorie Treats For Summer

It is easy to be consistent to your healthy diet plan though the involvement of your sweet tooth all over the summer when armed with some simple approaches. You can still celebrate in all the merriments without feeling short of.

  1. Frozen Grapes can be a simple and on the go snack:

Just wash your much loved selection of grapes and freeze in a bag of plastic. Just after when they get frozen, take them out and relish them as it as or sprinkle them over some plain yogurt having no fat in it. There occurs intensification of a sweet taste in grapes after freezing them, and then they are a simple, up and about a snack.

  1. Make your own Popsicles of Fresh Fruit:

Into a blender, put more than one kinds of frozen or fresh pieces of your much loved fruits. Pour some amount of water into it, then if you want to add, go for a slight amount of sugar, honey, or artificial sweetener, and mix them nicely. After doing it, put the fruity blend into hollow trays of ice cubes. Insert a stick of Popsicle into every cube. For nearly 2 hours or till they are frozen all the way through Freeze them and enjoy after it.

  1. Light Ice Cream with Fruit

For cutting nearly half of the fat and calories, go for light ice cream. Still, it consists of a rich texture and delicious taste that you will not have from many of the ice creams that are fat-free. Nonetheless, it is better as compared to the versions of full-fat. Meanwhile, serving sizes of any sort of ice cream—either light or full-fat –are incredibly small (normally half a cup), fill up your dish with some fresh fruit pieces. For finest flavor and better nutrition content, look for seasonal fruit from a native farmer. Otherwise, liquefy a few amount of frozen fruit (berries can do actually well for this) and save the melted liquid — along with the fruit itself, you can trickle that above the top of your ice cream. The addition of fruit aids stretching the ice cream contributes to natural sweetness and also does not add any extra fat.

  1. Fruit skewers

Add your much loved seasonal summer fruits on a skewer. Sprinkle over with about a tsp of honey or chocolate syrup and relish.

  1. Grilled Peaches or Pineapple

With a nonstick cooking spray, spray a skillet and warm it up to moderate to high heat. Grill a peach slice or chunks of pineapple and add them in a container with about 1/4 cup of light vanilla ice cream. Drizzle on a splash of cinnamon for a delicious snack that is having low calories.

  1. Fruit Cube Seltzer

Add your much loved 100 percent fruit juice (pineapple juice is recommended) and freeze till solid frozen, in an empty tray of ice cubes. After this, add a slight amount of it into a glass and add seltzer water in it for a sweet, energizing treat.


Have Younger Looking Skin By Following These Tips

Have a deep wash

A squish of cold water keeps you wake up. A decent cleanse aids in removing cells of the dead skin that twig together and create dull looking appearance on your face. Apply glycolic acid to wash your face. For a more profound clean that too activates the development of new cells of the skin, wash with an exfoliator once or twice in every week.

Keep on moisturizing

Lotion should be an involuntary step two of post-cleansing. Use moisturizer when skin is still somewhat humid to help lock in moisture. Most face moisturizers are based on oil, which acts well for people with normal skin—and they are a must for dehydrated or blistering skin, particularly in the winters.

 Keep yourself hydrated

Moisturizer is only there to provide you with half of the hydration—skin requires moisture from the inside out, also, who proposes consuming six to eight glasses of water per day.

Consider your wrinkles early

Retinol increases the growth of cell and production of collagen, which advances the tone of even skin which is non-wrinkled. Use it at night because the wrinkle-fighting agents make skin more sensitive to the sun. Make things easier in your routine by choosing a product that have both the retinol and a moisturizer.

Keep a check on sugar

Donuts, cake, Cookies, and soft drinks are understandable criminals; but also remember to note the grams of sugar in apparently healthy foods, such as flavored cereal, yogurt, protein bars and jarred sauces. These naïve bombs of sugar can bring a big dose of the sweet junk without being categorized as dessert.

Wear sunscreen

Your greatest defense from the sun is a good sunscreen. Search for a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or more than this that gives wide spectrum defense that means it blocks the rays coming from the sun.

Get proper sleep

Clocking the suggested seven to eight hours of rest will give your cells a lot of time to solve the wear and tear of the day. For skin, meaning leaving off fine lines, breakouts, and wrinkles.

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

Diversity is key when loading your fridge with the crop. Every fruit or vegetable contains different good antioxidants for you. These constituents help fight against free radicals, molecules that aggravate the inflammation effects, sun damage, and aging.

Say no to Stress

Getting exhausted drops the levels of hormone into instability, which deteriorates cells of the healthy skin and makes you more likely to wrinkles and breakouts. Since you will not have a bottle of Zen in the aisle of skincare, refresh and relax by doing what you love, whether it is shopping or quickly open a new book.

Avoid smoking

Add pale skin to the list of whys and wherefores not to light up. Smoking reduces production of collagen and blood circulation, so skin misses its natural coloring and resulting in looking yellow and pale (as simple as what a woman needs to see when she gets up next to you). Moreover, smoking can tend to fine lines near the lips and other signs of early aging.


Ways To Look Young And Stylish

Here are a few ways that you can try to look young and attractive:

Keep an eye on your hair color:

Do not highlight your hair overly if they are blonde. Dying hair too dark looks unreal too.

Use a concealer for brightness:

Applying concealer to the outer and inner corners of eyes, the outer sides of nostrils and at both, the ends of the lips can make all the difference.

Wear jeans:

Wearing jeans makes you look quite younger than your true age especially when the jeans is more stretchable.


Use hair conditioners to gain the shiny appearance of your hair.

 Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots have an extra and eye catchy detail to your appearance and are more youthful.

Try a T-Shirt:

Wearing a white cotton T-Shirt over a pencil skirt or with jeans makes you look younger than your real age.

Have a collection of fine Jewelry:

Wearing Rings necklaces and/or fine and smart earrings looks more youthful.

Cleanse your face daily:

Your cleanser should be gentle and should not full of any extra oil. If it is too squeaky, then it can cause dryness resulting in the appearance of signs of aging rapidly. Keep knowing that the cleanser you are using is designed for your skin type and is in accordance with your group of age, and you can look younger.

Always moisturize your face after cleansing:

Moisturizing your face after cleansing is necessary to avoid any irritation. Look for an anti-aging moisturizer, and it will work the best for you.

Protection from the sun:

Use a good quality Sunblock with added SPF 15 as it is not only meant for the beach. Wearing sun protection before every exposure to the sun is advised to avoid early signs of aging. Similarly, if one’s skin has been damaged due to sun rays, it may develop brown spots, fine lines and/or wrinkles. Application of the same sunblock is also recommended for your hands, neck and every part of skin which is uncovered whenever you go under the sun.

Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliation is another advised approach to looking younger. It basically, remove the dead skin cells from your skin out which makes your skin look tired and older by allowing the rapid production of new and fresh skin cells. Moreover, It makes your skin gentle, smooth and softer and brighter as well, while leaves a feeling of refreshment. Keep a check of which exfoliator you are picking, and that should be meant for the people of your age group. Doing it regularly can make a big and good change in your appearance.

Keep your teeth clean:

Shiny, straight, teeth with a clean-look can make you look younger than your real age. On the other hand, if you have teeth that are pale, broken, or decaying then it can make have an older looking you. If you are suffering from teeth problems, this is the time to treat them. In a severe case, approach your dentist. Most importantly, take care of your own teeth by brushing them twice a day.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water daily can make you look younger as it leaves a fresh look on your skin.

Is the First Lady’s Skin Care Line Worth More Than Donald Trump’s Entire Net Worth?

Melania Trump Skin Care Company

The day on which Donald Trump was appointed as the President of the United States was not just a big day for him, but also for his wife Melania and her team of beauty counselors. The First Lady is already a well-known figure in the showbiz world and everyone knows that she does not spend hours on end at the spa. She is the wife of one of the richest businessmen in America and so she has her own glam room. Living and looking according to Donald Trump’s standards needs a lot of effort and attention. Melania knows this very well and this is why she is working with the best make-up artists.

One thing is certain: Melania is a very beautiful woman. She knows very well which part of her beauty to emphasize and which not. She is not the type of woman who puts accent on the lips. She is rather an eye woman and this is why she is always emphasizing her gorgeous blue eyes with a smokey-eye makeup. But in order to look so stunning irrespective of the type of makeup she uses, Melania has some interesting beauty tips that help her a lot for years.

Melania Trump Beauty Secrets

When she was young, Mrs. Trump was a model. This job made her travel all around the world and experience different climates. In addition, she had to wear a lot of makeup for various photo sessions. Therefore, because of all these changes, her skin began to suffer and she started take extra care to prevent the future consequences. Considering how perfect is her skin at 46 years old, Melania seems to have found the secret.

Coming from the beauty world, she knows very well which products are the most efficient and on which to count. Some of her favorite products are those that have caviar as the main ingredient. It contains a high quantity of Omega-3 and Omega-6 that help her keep her skin radiant and healthy. On top of that, caviar nourishes the skin thanks to the high quantity of water it contains.
Moreover, she counts on products that contain the vitamins A, C, and E that are very good for her skin. These are other elements that help her look ageless. Furthermore, from a young age she understood that if you want to stay beautiful, you need to have a beauty regimen. Therefore, she moisturizes her face every night and every morning with adequate products.
In addition, it does not matter how late it is, she never goes to bed without removing the makeup. According to her advice, it is very important to let the skin breathe after a full day of wearing makeup. It does not matter if you are using the highest quality product, you cannot avoid this. Therefore, if you want to have a radiant face, removing the makeup when going to bed is vital.

There have been some rumors that the real key to her young look is the Melania Trump Skincare Line Wrinkle Remover! Read more about this anti aging serum before its too late!

Another important rule that Melania follows is hydration. She is drinking as much as water as possible every day. This is how she manages to keep her weight under control and also hydrates her skin. The way the skin looks is also influenced by her daily meals. Therefore, Melania recommends eating lots of fruits and vegetables. They contain lots of antioxidants that help her skin a lot. For example, some of her favorite vegetables are celery and spinach.

In conclusion, with some simple rules, Melania Trump succeeded in looking gorgeous and imposed a standard in terms of beauty. Her recommendations can be followed by any woman in this world, even by those who do not have a very big income.

How Can A Person Of 74 Look Like A 35 Years Old One?

Diane Keaton is a very well known American film actress (Godfather, Father of the Bride, The Family Stone and many more), movie producer and director. She is one of the Hollywood actresses who wanted to find a way to look younger without the most expensive plastic surgery and Botox. She has a secret that explains the way she looks, but how can a person of 74 look like a 35 years old one?

The answer is simple: using the Diane Keaton anti aging wrinkle cream. The cheap and effective secret Dr. Oz has been carefully keeping only for socialites and celebrities has come to the surface.

What are the ingredients of the anti aging cream?

The anti aging serum has two vital components:

  • Proprietary Bisophere
  • QuSome

Those two components are natural substances and combined together they help the skin rejuvenate and refresh. They fade the lines and remove the wrinkles from beneath the skin, at a cellular level. This secret was well kept for years, but now it was placed in the spotlight.

Proprietary Bisophere

This component can reverse the skin’s aging process. It filters deep into the damaged tissue of the skin and starts to release the protein that can tighten the skin – collagen. A case study from 2016 showed that Proprietary Bisophere reduced 70% of fine lines and wrinkles on women above 30 years old.


The second ingredient, the QuSome, mixed with the proper dosage of Proprietary Bisophere, can push the new formed cells to the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis. This movement gives the skin a 20 years younger appearance and a radiant look. QuSome binds to moisture so it repairs the zones where the wrinkles appear more often, around the eyes and forehead, and works its miracle on the dry and stressed skin.

The test

There were rumors that Diane Keaton has chosen the plastic surgery path, but they were all demolished by a test made on Jennifer Belew, a 62 years old woman from Orange County, with four kids. She didn’t have the resources to pay a plastic surgeon rejuvenate her so she tried the youth elixir of Dr. Oz.

She made a 14 day report about her skin-cell rejuvenation. After this time her wrinkles were gone and she was looking with at least 15 years younger. The serum worked and there is no doubt now it will work not just on celebrities, but on any woman. It is cheap and really effective.

The verdict

This serum is an easy way to get a wrinkle free and fine line free face and a better way for a woman to start the day when she looks in the mirror. The fact that the skin can rejuvenate without needles and a knife can bring more sunny mornings and a good feeling about life itself.

Women tend to get scared when the first white hair appears and the first wrinkle is a moment of real panic. They are aging and that’s a fact. If they could reverse that they would and that’s why this cream is surely a good thing.