How Can A Person Of 74 Look Like A 35 Years Old One?

Diane Keaton is a very well known American film actress (Godfather, Father of the Bride, The Family Stone and many more), movie producer and director. She is one of the Hollywood actresses who wanted to find a way to look younger without the most expensive plastic surgery and Botox. She has a secret that explains the way she looks, but how can a person of 74 look like a 35 years old one?

The answer is simple: using the Diane Keaton anti aging wrinkle cream. The cheap and effective secret Dr. Oz has been carefully keeping only for socialites and celebrities has come to the surface.

What are the ingredients of the anti aging cream?

The anti aging serum has two vital components:

  • Proprietary Bisophere
  • QuSome

Those two components are natural substances and combined together they help the skin rejuvenate and refresh. They fade the lines and remove the wrinkles from beneath the skin, at a cellular level. This secret was well kept for years, but now it was placed in the spotlight.

Proprietary Bisophere

This component can reverse the skin’s aging process. It filters deep into the damaged tissue of the skin and starts to release the protein that can tighten the skin – collagen. A case study from 2016 showed that Proprietary Bisophere reduced 70% of fine lines and wrinkles on women above 30 years old.


The second ingredient, the QuSome, mixed with the proper dosage of Proprietary Bisophere, can push the new formed cells to the top layer of the skin, called the epidermis. This movement gives the skin a 20 years younger appearance and a radiant look. QuSome binds to moisture so it repairs the zones where the wrinkles appear more often, around the eyes and forehead, and works its miracle on the dry and stressed skin.

The test

There were rumors that Diane Keaton has chosen the plastic surgery path, but they were all demolished by a test made on Jennifer Belew, a 62 years old woman from Orange County, with four kids. She didn’t have the resources to pay a plastic surgeon rejuvenate her so she tried the youth elixir of Dr. Oz.

She made a 14 day report about her skin-cell rejuvenation. After this time her wrinkles were gone and she was looking with at least 15 years younger. The serum worked and there is no doubt now it will work not just on celebrities, but on any woman. It is cheap and really effective.

The verdict

This serum is an easy way to get a wrinkle free and fine line free face and a better way for a woman to start the day when she looks in the mirror. The fact that the skin can rejuvenate without needles and a knife can bring more sunny mornings and a good feeling about life itself.

Women tend to get scared when the first white hair appears and the first wrinkle is a moment of real panic. They are aging and that’s a fact. If they could reverse that they would and that’s why this cream is surely a good thing.