Is the First Lady’s Skin Care Line Worth More Than Donald Trump’s Entire Net Worth?

Melania Trump Skin Care Company

The day on which Donald Trump was appointed as the President of the United States was not just a big day for him, but also for his wife Melania and her team of beauty counselors. The First Lady is already a well-known figure in the showbiz world and everyone knows that she does not spend hours on end at the spa. She is the wife of one of the richest businessmen in America and so she has her own glam room. Living and looking according to Donald Trump’s standards needs a lot of effort and attention. Melania knows this very well and this is why she is working with the best make-up artists.

One thing is certain: Melania is a very beautiful woman. She knows very well which part of her beauty to emphasize and which not. She is not the type of woman who puts accent on the lips. She is rather an eye woman and this is why she is always emphasizing her gorgeous blue eyes with a smokey-eye makeup. But in order to look so stunning irrespective of the type of makeup she uses, Melania has some interesting beauty tips that help her a lot for years.

Melania Trump Beauty Secrets

When she was young, Mrs. Trump was a model. This job made her travel all around the world and experience different climates. In addition, she had to wear a lot of makeup for various photo sessions. Therefore, because of all these changes, her skin began to suffer and she started take extra care to prevent the future consequences. Considering how perfect is her skin at 46 years old, Melania seems to have found the secret.

Coming from the beauty world, she knows very well which products are the most efficient and on which to count. Some of her favorite products are those that have caviar as the main ingredient. It contains a high quantity of Omega-3 and Omega-6 that help her keep her skin radiant and healthy. On top of that, caviar nourishes the skin thanks to the high quantity of water it contains.
Moreover, she counts on products that contain the vitamins A, C, and E that are very good for her skin. These are other elements that help her look ageless. Furthermore, from a young age she understood that if you want to stay beautiful, you need to have a beauty regimen. Therefore, she moisturizes her face every night and every morning with adequate products.
In addition, it does not matter how late it is, she never goes to bed without removing the makeup. According to her advice, it is very important to let the skin breathe after a full day of wearing makeup. It does not matter if you are using the highest quality product, you cannot avoid this. Therefore, if you want to have a radiant face, removing the makeup when going to bed is vital.

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Another important rule that Melania follows is hydration. She is drinking as much as water as possible every day. This is how she manages to keep her weight under control and also hydrates her skin. The way the skin looks is also influenced by her daily meals. Therefore, Melania recommends eating lots of fruits and vegetables. They contain lots of antioxidants that help her skin a lot. For example, some of her favorite vegetables are celery and spinach.

In conclusion, with some simple rules, Melania Trump succeeded in looking gorgeous and imposed a standard in terms of beauty. Her recommendations can be followed by any woman in this world, even by those who do not have a very big income.