Reduced Calorie Treats For Summer

It is easy to be consistent to your healthy diet plan though the involvement of your sweet tooth all over the summer when armed with some simple approaches. You can still celebrate in all the merriments without feeling short of.

  1. Frozen Grapes can be a simple and on the go snack:

Just wash your much loved selection of grapes and freeze in a bag of plastic. Just after when they get frozen, take them out and relish them as it as or sprinkle them over some plain yogurt having no fat in it. There occurs intensification of a sweet taste in grapes after freezing them, and then they are a simple, up and about a snack.

  1. Make your own Popsicles of Fresh Fruit:

Into a blender, put more than one kinds of frozen or fresh pieces of your much loved fruits. Pour some amount of water into it, then if you want to add, go for a slight amount of sugar, honey, or artificial sweetener, and mix them nicely. After doing it, put the fruity blend into hollow trays of ice cubes. Insert a stick of Popsicle into every cube. For nearly 2 hours or till they are frozen all the way through Freeze them and enjoy after it.

  1. Light Ice Cream with Fruit

For cutting nearly half of the fat and calories, go for light ice cream. Still, it consists of a rich texture and delicious taste that you will not have from many of the ice creams that are fat-free. Nonetheless, it is better as compared to the versions of full-fat. Meanwhile, serving sizes of any sort of ice cream—either light or full-fat –are incredibly small (normally half a cup), fill up your dish with some fresh fruit pieces. For finest flavor and better nutrition content, look for seasonal fruit from a native farmer. Otherwise, liquefy a few amount of frozen fruit (berries can do actually well for this) and save the melted liquid — along with the fruit itself, you can trickle that above the top of your ice cream. The addition of fruit aids stretching the ice cream contributes to natural sweetness and also does not add any extra fat.

  1. Fruit skewers

Add your much loved seasonal summer fruits on a skewer. Sprinkle over with about a tsp of honey or chocolate syrup and relish.

  1. Grilled Peaches or Pineapple

With a nonstick cooking spray, spray a skillet and warm it up to moderate to high heat. Grill a peach slice or chunks of pineapple and add them in a container with about 1/4 cup of light vanilla ice cream. Drizzle on a splash of cinnamon for a delicious snack that is having low calories.

  1. Fruit Cube Seltzer

Add your much loved 100 percent fruit juice (pineapple juice is recommended) and freeze till solid frozen, in an empty tray of ice cubes. After this, add a slight amount of it into a glass and add seltzer water in it for a sweet, energizing treat.